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Our Interior Design Service Offerings From professional office spaces to large retail locations (and everything in between),commercial interior design specialists are ready to revitalize your company’s workspace. While most would consider Hatch a full-service Interior Design firm, taking a project from concept to completion (which we most often do!), we also have a wide range of offerings that can be tailored to suit your business’ particular needs. Feasibility Study – ensuring a space works for you before signing on the dotted line Building Permit Drawings – minimal drawings to get your GC started The Works – we take care of it all Custom Services -Working with you to put together a package best suited for your needs.

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Precision refers to designing around the space, utilising each area to the best of its abilities whilst retaining a sense of elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s transforming an existing layout or conceptualising entirely new spaces or buildings, our interior design firm aims to incorporate our client’s style into the space while maximising functionality.
Innovation is integrating art with design and enhancing the quality of life through exquisite home furnishings. Our professional team of interior designers combines classic design concepts with contemporary trends to create an immersive space that’s both captivating and functional. Fusing both Eastern and Western design elements, the end results are residential and commercial interiors that transcend and inspire the community.
Quality and trust are the last two pillars of our brand philosophy and refer to our synergistic relationship with our clients to create a space that’s truly their own interior design ideas. We value transparency and honesty in our work and work closely to provide client-oriented interior design plans and project management services that creates a stunning design with an everlasting impression.



Step 1 is a chat in store, virtually or in your home, where we will get to know your tastes, initial ideas and lifestyle demands.



Together, we will co-create your design, often incorporating your existing furniture. It can be optimising a single design, advice on piecing elements together or a comprehensive home design – it’s entirely up to you.



Your design will match your budget and lifestyle, while reflecting your unique personality. Once you are 100% happy, we then bring it to life, with as much or as little help as you need.